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New publication - Platform economy and precarious work: Mitigating risk

June 16, 2020

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Eurofound study on non-take up of social benefits published

September 22, 2015



Many people do not receive the social benefits to which they are entitled. Benefit systems differ considerably among EU Member States, but such ‘non-take-up’ (or ‘non-give-out’) seems to be common across the EU. This study investigates the extent of non-take-up and seeks to explain it. It further explores how non-take-up can be addressed, presenting case studies from 10 Member States: Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Romania, Slovakia and the UK. The focus is on non-take-up of monetary social benefits that support people in vulnerable situations, including minimum income, housing, health, old-age, heating, child, unemployment, disability and care benefits. The study takes the magnitude and entitlement criteria of the benefits as a given, determined by governments. Eftheia and HIVA KULeuven contributed to this report by developing the case studies for Belgium, Finland, the Netherlands, Romania and the UK. The Eurofound study on non-take-up of social benefits can be found here.


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