Through the implementation of research, training, consultancy and technical assistance projects throughout EU Member States, accession countries and beyond, the Eftheia team gained experience on the ground in the social realities of several countries. Working directly for national stakeholders involved in social-policy making and implementation has contributed to our understanding of the information needs and challenges of projects in the social field.   

Management & Social Affairs

Throughout the years Eftheia has built up mutually enriching and constructive collaborations with various high-level thematic experts in the field of social protection, social inclusion, employment and labour market policies.


Eftheia has also developed privileged working relations with several academic institutions and other public, private or civil society organisations.


Succesfully bringing those players with various national backgrounds together in the framework of a specific assignment or project and ensuring effective coordination and communication is at the core of our work. The mix of content knowledge in the field of social protection and social affairs and technical knowledge in the field  of IT and communication has proven to be an invaluable asset for the implementation of various projects involving EU-wide thematic networks with specific information needs.

Harald Hauben

Harald Hauben is partner at Eftheia and a senior consultant. As an expert with a legal background, Harald has over 20 years of working experience with a focus on social protection and social inclusion. He has worked in many new and candidate Member States as well as in third countries in different capacities such as Team Leader, Legal or Communication Expert.

Inge Vandenbulcke

Inge Vandenbulcke has a legal background with specialisation in human rights and social law. She is managing partner at Eftheia and as such she is responsible for Efheia's business and tender development and the maintenance of its expert network.  Within certain Eftheia projects she also undertakes specific research, event organisation and/or communication assignments.

Dominique Danau

Dominique Danau holds a degree in Sociology and is an expert in the fields of employment, social inclusion and gender. She has built up an extensive expertise in relation to the development and implementation of evaluation trajectories, especially for (European) NGOs, NGO networks and alliances and European projects. Since 2005 she has been involved in the development and implementation of the evaluation of different European networks funded by the European Commission in the field of social inclusion and anti-discrimination. Dominique Danau is a longtime and close collaborator of Eftheia. Since September 2017 she took up the scientific coordination of the ongoing Eftheia projects in the fields of employment and social inclusion.

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Elisa Giacumacatos

Elisa Giacumacatos is a Junior Policy Analyst/Project Manager at Eftheia. She holds a master’s degree in law from the University of Florence and an LLM in European and international labour law from the University of Amsterdam.
At Eftheia, she is mainly involved in the management and coordination of the Network of Legal Experts in the field of Free Movement of Workers and Social Security Coordination (MoveS). Before joining Eftheia, she worked as a researcher at Goethe University Frankfurt where she coordinated the European Labour Law Network (ELLN). As part of her professional experience, she also worked at the San Francisco Labour Council, the local body of the American trade union federation AFL-CIO, where she analysed questions in the field of labour and social law.

Willem Waeyaert

Willem Waeyaert currently works as a legal researcher at Eftheia. Willem recently finished
his Postgraduate ‘European Social Security’ at the KULeuven. At Eftheia he joined the
research team involved in the EC funded 'Study to gather evidence on the working
conditions of platform workers' . He is also closely involved in the MoveS project (social
security coordination and freedom of movement of workers).

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Business development

Denisa Meirosu

Denisa Meirosu is a senior business development consultant in international development, with extensive knowledge of EU external funding policies and programmes. She has been involved in programming, formulation, implementation of programmes and projects funded by EU for more than 12 years.  Denisa has been working extensively in tender development with various organisations, She supports the Eftheia team with business development and project implementation on an ad hoc basis.

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European Social Affairs, Management and Communication
Research, policy analysis, training, capacity-building, information sharing and communication activities