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Framework contract -  Provision of legal services to the European Labour Authority

Client: ELA

Duration: January 2022  -  Ongoing

Partners: Milieu and EFTHEIA

Through this framework contract, the consortium will provide legal services to ELA in the legal areas covering the EU labour mobility law falling within the mandate of ELA, i.e.:

  • Regulations and Directives relating to the free movement of workers

  • Regulations relating to social security coordination

  • Directives relating to posting of workers

  • Regulations and Directives relating to road transport

Two types of support are foreseen:

  • Support with legal advice in the area of labour mobility acquis

  • Support to ELA’s mediation’s role in cases of cross-border disputes between EU Member States

European Social Affairs, Management and Communication
Research, policy analysis, training, capacity-building, information sharing and communication activities
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