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Framework contract - ELA Capacity Building Centre

Client: ELA

Duration: January 2022  -  Ongoing

Partners:  ICF,  EFTHEIA, MDF, UP Learning


Through this contract, the consortium will be able to support ELA to establish and run the ELA Capacity Building Centre (CBC)
This facility will implement a set of horizontal actions aimed at improving knowledge and exchange on labour mobility legislation and practices in the EU, encouraging mutual learning among key stakeholders.


The ELA CBC shall become a distinctive facility for the benefit of ELA’s stakeholders by fulfilling the following objectives:

• Promote the non-binding guidelines developed by ELA or other institutions;

• Promote mutual assistance and staff exchanges between relevant institutions;

• Support the exchange of good practices among national authorities;

• Design and implement sectoral9 and cross-sectoral training programmes, including for labour inspectorates, and dedicated training material, including through online learning methods;

• Organise awareness-raising campaigns.

European Social Affairs, Management and Communication
Research, policy analysis, training, capacity-building, information sharing and communication activities
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