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Study on Occupational Safety and Health and digital platform work

Client: EU-OSHA

Duration: December 2020  -  December 2021

Partners:  EFTHEIA, HIVAKULeuven and Milieu

Geographic coverage: EU MS


In 2017, EU-OSHA published the results of a project, referring to the effects of platform economy over OSH, as well as the regulatory and policy developments in the EU. It included in detail the framework of platform work, relevant definitions and policies as applied during that time in different Member States.  The objective of the present study is to provide an updated overview of regulation, policies, research and practices in relation to new forms of work intermediated by digital platforms and its expected impact on workers’ protection, and more specifically, on OSH. It will examine the potential consequences for workers’ safety and health and identify the main challenges and opportunities for prevention, policy and practice. This overview is to be achieved through a review and analysis of scientific literature, available data, as well as through data collection in existing policies and initiatives.

The latest developments linked to work enabled by digital platforms and their impact on workers’ protection will be presented, including opportunities and challenges for OSH, including in relation to the impact of COVID-19 on OSH of platform workers.

European Social Affairs, Management and Communication
Research, policy analysis, training, capacity-building, information sharing and communication activities
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