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Mutual Information System on Social Protection - MISSOC Secretariat
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Client: EC DG Employment Social Affairs and Inclusion
Duration (from - to): Nov 2011 - August 2014*

Partner: Eftheia

Geographic coverage: EU + EEA countries + Switzerland

MISSOC was created in 1990 at the initiative of European Commission Directorate General V (DG EMPL) with a view to fostering a continuous exchange of information on social protection among the different Member States, professional users and citizens.

MISSOC produces regularly updated comparatives tables covering all areas of social security (incl. social assistance) and MISSOC analytical reports on specific topics and trends in social protection. The Secretariat coordinates the updating of the information system which takes place twice a year and provides all its information in 3 languages (E-FR-DE) on MISSOC also sends out an e-newsletter twice a year.

The following tasks fall to the Secretariat:

  1. Organise the work process, based on electronic information, and tools for the national correspondents to make the regular updating of MISSOC information data and to write the national MISSOC Info documents in E-FR-DE; moreover, organise the content and the discussions at the Network Meetings.

  2. Produce the various MISSOC publications: the MISSOC Database; a publication in PDF called “Social Protection in the Member States of the EU, of the European Economic Area and in Switzerland” (Organisation of social protection, Comparative Tables, Annex on social protection for the self-employed); MISSOC Info editions (2 per annum); MISSOC Analysis; MISSOC Guides (in 23 Languages).

  3. Organise the two-day MISSOC network meeting (ca. 80 participants) twice a year, in and in cooperation with the country holding the EU presidency.

  4. Give assistance to the Commission in providing factual information by exploring in greater depth the network resources, and give assistance in answering questions from external users.

  5. Propose further useful developments of the MISSOC system and, after agreement by national correspondents and decision by DG EMPL, carry out these developments.

  6. Handle relations with the 3 EEA States and with Switzerland           


In the framework of the MISSOC project, Eftheia has technically developed the MISSOC Comparative Tables Database. 

*The MISSOC Secretariat has been handed over to the in 2014 newly established and larger 'Social Policy Network'. The Social Policy Network replaces 3 former EU DG EMPL projects: the network of independent experts on social inclusion, the network of experts on Health, Social Protection and Long term Care (Asisp) and the MISSOC Secretariat. The handover to the contractor of the Social Policy Network was completed in August 2014..

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