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Eftheia shortlisted for ADB project : Strengthening Developing Member Countries' Capacity in El

For this project opportunity, Eftheia is part of a joint venture with Management4health (lead), Asia-Pacific Institute for Ageing Studies and Training and Technology Transfer Ltd.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has a growing portfolio in long term care and is engaging with developing member countries (DMCs) to help mitigate the substantial fiscal and negative social consequences of aging. The objective of the assignment is to: (i) build an in depth knowledge base for six countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongolia, Tonga, Sri Lanka) on emerging LTC policies, programs and systems; (ii) identify areas and/or projects for investment; and (iii) build capacity and assist government, private sector, civil society stakeholders in DMCs across Asia and the Pacific in strategic planning and exchange of experiences.

Eftheia is currently mobilizing long term care (system) specialists, preferably with experience in the above mentioned Asian countries. Interested experts are kindly invited to submit their cv.

European Social Affairs, Management and Communication
Research, policy analysis, training, capacity-building, information sharing and communication activities
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